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Shop now for exclusive Made In Nepal products !
Shop now for exclusive Made In Nepal products !
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Discover the Rich Culture and Handmade Treasures of Nepal with The Authentic Nepal

Introduction : The Authentic Nepal

Nestled in the majestic landscapes of Nepal, a group of passionate artisans and entrepreneurs joined forces to create The Authentic Nepal, a platform dedicated to sharing the country's unique handicrafts with the world. With a deep appreciation for Nepalese culture and a commitment to sustainable practices, this company has quickly become a beacon for those seeking high-quality, ethically made products that celebrate the heritage and craftsmanship of Nepal.

A Journey of Cultural Exploration

The Authentic Nepal, founded in June 2020, emerged as a labour of love, driven by the desire to showcase the exceptional work of Nepalese artisans. Since its inception, the company has achieved remarkable milestones, continually expanding its reach and influence.

The Enchanting Product Range

At The Authentic Nepal, customers are presented with an extraordinary collection of handmade treasures that embody the rich tapestry of Nepalese culture. From exquisitely crafted Buddha statues to traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls, each item tells a story and carries the legacy of generations past.

  • Handmade Buddha Statues

    Meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, The Authentic Nepal offers two main variants of Buddha statues. The gold-plated Buddha statues emanate an aura of opulence, while the bronze oxidized Buddha statues exude an authentic antique charm. Both variants are characterized by intricate details and captivating designs.

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls

    Drawing upon ancient Tibetan techniques, the singing bowls available at The Authentic Nepal produce enchanting tones that promote relaxation and mindfulness. These bowls serve as a gateway to tranquillity and inner peace, providing a respite from the demands of modern life.

  • Handmade Sculptures

    The artisans of Nepal pour their hearts and soul into each handmade sculpture, creating unique masterpieces that reflect the country's cultural and artistic heritage. These sculptures are a testament to the talent and creativity that thrives in Nepal's artistic community.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Ethics

The Authentic Nepal not only showcases exceptional craftsmanship but also upholds the values of sustainability and fair trade. The company actively seeks to make a positive impact on both Nepal and the world by implementing environmentally friendly practices and supporting the artisans who create these remarkable products.

  • Collaborative Spirit

    The Authentic Nepal fosters close partnerships with local artisans and organizations, ensuring that every product represents the highest quality and makes a tangible difference in the communities they work with. Collaboration is at the heart of their endeavours, promoting a sense of shared purpose and collective growth.

  • Respectful Innovation

    Fuelled by a passion for creativity, The Authentic Nepal continually pushes the boundaries of Nepalese handicrafts. By blending traditional techniques with contemporary influences, they create products that capture the essence of Nepal's natural beauty and cultural legacy.

  • Sustainable Development

    The company's dedication to sustainable development is evident through its support of fair trade practices and local Nepalese organizations. By upholding ethical standards, The Authentic Nepal ensures that every purchase contributes to the betterment of the artisans' lives and the preservation of their craft.

When you choose to shop with The Authentic Nepal, you embark on a journey that transcends mere commerce. Each product becomes a tangible connection to the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. By selecting ethically made items of the highest quality, you not only adorn your living spaces with unique pieces but also become an agent of positive change.

  1. Amitabh Buddha Statues

    The Amitabh Buddha statues available at The Authentic Nepal radiate a sense of tranquillity and wisdom. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these statues serve as powerful symbols of enlightenment and spiritual growth.

  2. Avalokiteshvara Statues

    Discover the compassionate presence of Avalokiteshvara through the beautifully crafted statues offered by The Authentic Nepal. As the embodiment of boundless compassion, Avalokiteshvara's statues inspire a deep sense of empathy and understanding.

  3. Chenrezig Buddha Statues

  4. Chenrezig, also known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is revered for his unwavering commitment to alleviating suffering. The Chenrezig statues available at The Authentic Nepal capture the essence of his compassionate nature and provide a source of inspiration for one's spiritual journey.

  5. Guru Rinpoche Statue

    Explore the teachings and wisdom of Guru Rinpoche through the Guru Rinpoche Statue offered by The Authentic Nepal. Crafted with reverence and attention to detail, this statue embodies the spiritual presence and transformative power of Guru Rinpoche. As a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism, Guru Rinpoche's statue serves as a sacred reminder of his profound teachings and spiritual guidance.

  6. Tara Buddha Statues

    The Tara Buddha statues offered by The Authentic Nepal embody the divine feminine energy and represent compassion, protection, and liberation. These statues serve as a reminder of the power and resilience found within every individual.

  7. Shakyamuni Buddha Statues

    Revered as the founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni Buddha's statues offered by The Authentic Nepal encapsulate the essence of his teachings and enlightenment. These statues serve as a source of inspiration for those seeking inner peace and spiritual growth.

    By expanding their product range to include Amitabh Buddha statues, Avalokiteshvara statues, Chenrezig statues, Guru Rinpoche Pages, Tara Buddha statues, and Shakyamuni Buddha statues, The Authentic Nepal continues to provide customers with a diverse selection of sacred artefacts that honour the rich spiritual traditions of Nepal.

    With each of these products carefully crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, The Authentic Nepal ensures that customers receive not only aesthetically pleasing and spiritually significant items but also a genuine connection to the profound wisdom and heritage of Nepal.


    The Authentic Nepal is a gateway to the rich cultural heritage and spiritual traditions of Nepal. With their meticulously crafted Buddha statues, including Amitabh Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, Chenrezig, Guru Rinpoche, Tara Buddha, and Shakyamuni Buddha, the company offers a transformative experience that connects individuals to the profound wisdom and compassion of revered figures.

    By supporting The Authentic Nepal, customers not only adorn their lives with exquisite handmade treasures but also contribute to sustainability and fair trade practices. Each purchase makes a positive impact on the lives of Nepalese artisans and the preservation of their craft.

    Discover the extraordinary beauty and spirituality of Nepal through The Authentic Nepal. Join a meaningful journey that celebrates the talents of Nepalese artisans and embraces the enduring legacy of this captivating country.


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