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Sutkeri Masala (Poshan+)

Original price NPR. 900.00 - Original price NPR. 1,800.00
Original price
NPR. 1,800.00
NPR. 900.00 - NPR. 1,800.00
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Sutkeri Masala is a traditional, fresh, organic, and natural homemade maternal food. It is well-balanced with proper nutrition for postpartum women as an immunity booster.

The result of months of testing and experimenting, Sutkeri Masala is mostly based on traditional and trusted grandmother recipes. Eventually, people living in urban areas with very busy schedule finds challenging to incorporate the old age knowledge in the kitchen. Especially somebody who is searching for a gift for any new mother.


It has a mixture of well-composed 22 ingredients i.e. Fenugreek seed, Fennel seed, Thyme seeds, Garden Cress seeds, Thulo Okhati, Battishaa, Seto Paladi, Lwangadi, Cashew, Almond, Dates, Walnut, Magaj, Gund, Khuwa, Milk, Coconut, Safron, Ghee, Raisins, Turmeric and Misri. It contains zero chemicals and is completely natural.

How to consume:

It is ready-to-eat food
Mixing with milk is a better option
No need to cook again
Its intake depends upon the need
The recommended schedule is early morning in breakfast and afternoon during snack time
Having after 20 days of postpartum is highly recommended
  • Helps to enhance the immune system and protects from cold and cough
  • Helps regain strength for women especially after the child born
  • Supports a lactating mother for enhancing the supply of milk
Storage and usage:
  • Store in a cool place for longer self-life
  • Do not use if the sealed lock is tampered with or broken
  • Best before six months from packaged date

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